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Welcome to SASS-E Applied

Connecting Schools to Industries

Education elevates people, communities, and economies to thrive and innovate, so starting early, students need to be inspired to learn and given the opportunity to apply classroom lessons to solve real-life problems.  


SASS-E Applied Inc. recognizes this need and is working to build an equitable, systematic connection between companies and schools by transforming material from businesses and presenting it into a user-friendly format for teachers to use in the classroom.  Teachers may select from a variety of fields, including offshore energy, marine technology, and many more with all material connecting to curriculum objectives. 

SASS-E Applied creates a platform that enables schools to be more responsive to the constant changes in industry needs.



  • Multidisciplinary

  • Equal opportunity for students to "engage" with businesses

  • Schools create competitive workforce

  • And many more...

Any Business is Welcome to Participate.